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  • 1: Will we get the result we need on Wednesday? (Predictions please)

    2: Who will we play (Or would you prefer to play) in the final?

    3: Whats the score gonna be?

    4: Who's gonna stay / go?

    Latest News:

    Albrectson says he will go if we don't get up.

    Kamara say's hes happy and is staying no matter what

    Ellington same as kamara. (Caus wigan are now down?)

    Excellent performance on Sunday, was a pleasure to watch an excellent local derby. They did us proud.

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    • 1) For the love of God I hope we don't get cocky and we get the result we want. I go 2-1 to us 'course.
      2) Would prefer Southampton think it will be Derby in final.
      3) Score will be 3-1 whoever is playing.
      4) Watson, Walwark, Greening(? losing his touch?), Ellington, Kamara & Davies if we don't go up.

      I still think Richardson would be worth trying to buy back to replace Greening, and a true defensive midfielder to fit in a diamond formation as Chaplow and Walwork have been patchy in that position.

      Trying desperately not to jinx us.