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  • er..was wrong about kuomas..mind you ..the reported £35k per wk might have something to do with it..over double what he was earning at west brom..prob got a clause in his contract if they get realegated anyway ...but "WIGAN"...jesus !!

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    • well yes, Nigel, I was amazed, I thought Koumas was ambitious... but Wigan by the Sea?, (well they have got a pier haven't they?), and a team full of 'has beens' and 'never will be's', like Emile Heskey...on that note, thank god for Wigan, they gave us £5.5M for that donkey Anyway, it's only 2 relegation spots to worry about next year now Wigan stay up for another year.

      I wonder if Koumas will want to come back to the Baggies next season when you swop places with Wigan????