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    Great for the Bank. Bad for the Fans.

    I honestly can't believe the amounts were receiving for mediocre players. Koumas for 5.3 is over the top, Kamara for 6 is simply breathtaking and if we can get anywhere near 8 for curtis and 5 for robbo and mcshane i'd #$%$ their hands off. However, we are replacing them with terrible players. Beattie is a joke, think rob hulse the second. We are getting overtaken by every team in the championship due to their signings and meltons insistance on buying scottish, We will struggle next year and will be lucky to finish mid-table. Baggies for relegation? Stranger things have happened.

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    • Wat a great bit of buisness by the club to get that amount of money for those players and Mowbray seems to know how to pick up good players cheaply (Keiley Koren)so lets give the new boys a chance n stop being pesimistic.

    • I agree about the Kamara deal,good bit of business!,but we could have done with keeping Koumas at least for one more season.....so it looks like we may even see a Hartson - Ellington partnership up front this year...I can hear the groans already...and the boos from the stands!!!,Mowbray now needs to go out and buy at least three GOOD players and we might get into the play-offs again,I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that Robbo and McShane will be with us for this next year.....