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  • Blimey a balls not been kicked yet apart from the meaningless pre-season stuff and already you're righting us of! As for the players who have left, my feeling is they are the reason we didnt get promoted last year. Kamara should have scored 30 not 22, plus laid in another 10 for players in better positions. Also there were 3 games last year where we conceeded goals by player being able to run pass Kamara, and Kamara not tracking back. Komas had an aweful run during feb and march after being voted player of the month and didnt turn in a decent performance till April when it was clear we were only going to make the play-offs!
    Great business getting over 11mill for the two of them. We already have a replacement for Koumas in Koren. Saw enough of him last season to think he will be a real asset this season, two footed, can pass, reads the game and I think he will score some goals this year. As for replacing Kamara we should have enough strikers, Ellington (might just have a decent season if he wants to leave again in Jan), Beattie, Phillips will always get goals, plus the young kid we lent to bristol.
    So is there any chance you can get behind the team and at least give them a chance - otherwise you may as well go and follow the dingles!

    Oh and whatever you think, the chairman cannot be transfered!

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    • At last someone sticking up for the team,you are right about kamara should have got more goals than he did and if he wasnt so gready other players would have got more to, the amount of times he went for goal when other players had a lot easier chance to score was to numerous to count.Lets get behind the team and stop knocking them all the time,premiership he we come.

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      • albion were the biggest scorers in the whole 4 divisions last season only man utd scored more..but we leaked goals like a sive..mainly cause in my view we didnt have a ball winner in midfield and some lazy players who wouldnt treak back and help the defence (no need to name names me thinks !)the current crop of signings again seem to me to be technical/flair players ..melton needs some steel in that midfield and get rid of that puff davies..the most overated player since kammara !..shame about the impending transfer of robinson though..and i see that sodjie wants to come back..god help us...