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  • Will Will Jul 23, 2007 19:43 Flag

    Still need a striker


    The summer spending hasn't really matched the amount we have received in sales, no one wants to play for Albion any more they just want to live in fashionable cities not play for a great team with a lot of history.
    Back to the point though, we need a striker or two and perhaps to still lose one or two in particular, they don't seem to be performing very well in pre season.
    Any of the lower prem teams with decent players slippig down the ladder as they seem to be doing a lot of spending this summer.
    Or middle prem teams with 3rd choice strikers who want regular 1st team action. I don't think we want any more 35 year old strikers, young talent is better than old (slow) hands.
    Who do you want people?

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    • another striker weve got 5 of them at the momoment so we would have to sell to buy anymore.There are not many good strikers out there that would want to come to us so i think we should give Beattie a good run in the team alongside Phillips who will always bag afew in this division,and if Ellington was to get himself sorted might start scoring again