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  • If Davies is so adamant at playing for a Premiership team, and the Baggies don't want to sell for less than 8 million why don't they loan him to one of the premiership teams? This would mean that we still hold onto his registration, if we then decide to sell next season we could ask more as he will have more premiership experience or should we gain promotion we could call him back.
    Maybe Wigan or Fulham would be happy to take him on loan. Davies has said this has nothing to do with money, so he would be playing in the Premiership and they would be paying his wages. Could be an all round solution!!!!

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    • A Loan leading to a move or maybe back to the baggies seems like a excellent idea, so we can cash in later a bit like Kusack (excuse spelling). I think that the management won't like that idea though because they see him as one of our top defenders and they wont want to lend out someone we could use in our first team.

    • What gets me is he signed a new deal last season !..if he was so adamant that, if the albion didnt get promotion, he would want a move ..fair enough..he shouldnt have signed the contract and should have waited to see what the outcome of the season was..not throw his dummy out the pram when we didnt get promotion! Anyway..in my view he believes in his own hype..mass overated player £8 mill haaaaaaaaaaaaaa..ive been an albion fan for 40 yrs..weve asked, over the yrs for silly money for players..but£8 mill...really funny...