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  • Well after tonights performance against Bournemouth I reckon we should stick with Albrechtsen & Cesar at centre half for saturday because they missed nothing all game,I was particularly impressed with Albrechtsen whose ball winning and distribution were near perfect!,Cesar wasn't bad either!!
    As for Paul Robinson.....back to his best nearly going on tonights performance!,we just need a consistant right back as Hodgkiss isn't quite the finished article yet,maybe in a year or two,some good things from him but quite a few mislaid passes and mis-timed tackles.....
    Midfield would have been good if Gera had been in it,Pele was a bit hit and miss!!
    And finally up front Beattie did his job well,but he was on his own.....Ellington was a passenger for the greater majority of the game!....is Mowbray watching a different game to the rest of us,he was dire! and if he wants to throw a sulk let him!! the sooner he goes the better!,we would have done better by giving MacDonald a good run,with his pace and control he would have done a lot better than the Donkey Duke!!!!
    My team for saturday would be : Kiely,Hoefkens,Albrechtsen,Cesar,Robinson,Gera, Texeira,Greening ,Morrison,Phillips,Beattie
    Subs : Steele,Martis,Tininho,Pele,MacDonald