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  • I don't know what to think about Albion this season. Even with his hat-trick I still thought Beattie looked lazy and lumbersome?!?!? Pele is a waste of money, why not wallwork and spend the million on a new striker. It always amazes me that albion never take a chance on young strikers, they are scoring for fun in the lower leagues yet we refuse to give them a chance. K Hawley. F Eastwood. Porter have all signed for other teams despite them each scoring over 20 goals last season. Porter went on a free as well!!!!. Remember the last time we did - Mr L Hughes. So come on melton, kick out hartson, ellington and the other over-paid pre-madonnas and bring in players proud to wear the shirt. Final 2 questions....

    1: What has happened to Nicholeson????

    2: We have received no offers that match our valuation of C Davis. How much of a ego-blow must that be to him. hahahahahahaha. Do you think he's worth 8m+ I honestly wouldn't pay over 5. Just imagine, we got offered 10m off portsmouth in jan. Davis + Kamara = £16M 16m = Henry!!! Which one would you rather have??!!!???!!!???

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    • I thought Beattie looked ok against Heerenveen,just needs the right kind of passes,he got behind the defenders pretty often.I still reckon we should have got rid of Ellington by now,as he proved when he came on on saturday he still misses half decent chances in front of goal and still can't control a ball!!!,I'm not sure about letting Carter go to Preston though,I'd have been more tempted to let Chaplow go as he seems to just run around like a headless chicken with no end result!at least Carter could win the ball in the air!