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  • I was thinking the other day about why we always have unhappy players @ the albion.

    Present Day: Hartson, Davies, Ellington, Robinson, Albrechtson, gera.

    In recent Past: Koumas, Kamara, Perry, Kilbane, Hughes, Roberts, Maresca, Carter, mcshane

    We never have a content team. Why do you think this is? I understand that some of the players have left for "Better" teams (Coventry, Lee - WHY?) but even players who seem content actually turn out to be desperate to get away (Mcshane)

    Do you think it's the fact they have to play in W Brom and train in Walsall caus i'll be honest, if I had to do that I think i'd wanna leave or is there some underlying reason. My dad says it because we have such a heritage as a football club and such high expectations that we tend to suffercate any decent players with our expectations. He also said that this is what will happen to ishmal miller.

    What do you lot think?