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  • Please don't tell me that you are blaming that equaliser on our players?

    If you are then you seriously need to check your eyesight.

    1: Over 7 Mins injury time played
    2: Own goal disallowed?!?!?
    3: Blatent push on Hoefkins before goal
    4: Down to 9 men

    I never moan about the ref but that was disgraceful.

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    • This time a lot of things happened. We should still play the full match and stay alert.

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      • Sorry Clive but I've got to agree 100% with Paul,that referee was determined from the start that we were not going to win the game,he must have had a bet on it or took a bung!,he was that obviously favouring Wednesday with every decision,even their supporters who got through on WM's after match phone in said we should have beaten them 2-0 if it hadn't been for the referee's intervention! he should be dropped off the list for the display he put on last night and the FA should have an investigation into why he did what he did!!!,I don't mind being beaten or being held to a draw if it is deserved but we didn't it was all down to and idiot in the middle named Nigel Miller,I would have willingly throttled him at the final whistle!!.....it would have been doing football a favour to rid the game of that prat!!......finally the FA should be seen to do something over this,he should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute,they're quick enough to charge the players & managers so how about treating everyone involved with the game the same!!!,as you can guess I've never been so incensed by one individuals performance like this before.......