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  • Will Will Nov 29, 2007 09:59 Flag

    Selection problems?


    Roman where were you all season? What a great way to get yourself on the page, Miller, Roman and Phillips in a 3 man selection problem. With "raw talent" Shergil on the bench. When was the last time we had 3 strikers who could score? 2 points to Watford for how long? Final position predictions??

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    • After we destoyed Watford, they have gone into decline.
      Have other teams realised that they are now beatable?
      Will Watford remain in the automatic promotion places?
      Although I prefer the entertaining standard of Championship football, I hope the Baggies can make it to the Premiership and the dubious qualities of its' referees.

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      • I agree with you on the Watford thing,I reckon they are going to struggle to stay in the top two,but will make the play-offs,as for the referees......have you seen some of the idiots we've had this year so far!!! there's not a lot to choose between any of them they seem to be out there to be noticed rather than control a game properly and fairly,then you hardly notice the ref