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  • IAIN IAIN Feb 28, 2008 06:47 Flag

    Albion 1 - 2 Hull.

    Well Clive I agree with you on most points there,though Morrison has had some good spells in past games,against Hull he was very poor!,Greening wasn't much better either.....I thought we were coming back into the game really well after Bednars goal,he and Phillips were causing their back 4 lots of problems hence the rash of yellow cards just before half time!,the turning point came when Mowbray did the double substitution of Miller & Moore who neither caused as much problems for the Hull defence as Bednar & Phillips,I agree he should have brought on Brunt in place of Morrison and Teixeira in place of Greening and move Gera into his natural central midfield role where he plays so well for Hungary!,then when we were a goal or two to the good then bring on either Moore or Miller.....not both by the look of it they can't seem to work well together,well not this quick!,.in the end I reckon it was Mowbray's poor tactical substitutions that cost us the game......

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