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  • Clive Clive Feb 26, 2008 05:58 Flag

    Albion 1 - 2 Hull.

    I don't think that we have a defence. They run around like headless chickens, Just watch Kiely..
    He does't seem to control his area.
    We have been found out, and the other teams have seen this weakness. We need a good centre back who can command the area in front of goal.
    we have the attack and mid-field we just need a strong man at the rear.

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    • Firstly I have to say shame on you for walking out after Hull Scored their second goal! I know you have paid for your ticket and have every right to do that but its at that time (especially needing only one goal to draw) that the team needs its support. Players respond to support and when they sense supporters leaving in droves then it has a negative effect.
      Secondly, I also have to admit I was bemused when Mowbray subbed both Phillips and Bednar and commented that he had just taken off 30 goals! However it does appear that Bednar was unwell and I guess we did well to get an hour out of him. I also suspect the Mobs feels that Phillips cant play with Miller, hence his sub.
      I do agree with what you say about Morrison and having been a Coventry the previous week cant understand why Brunt wasnt played.
      I also still cant fathom why Greening was subbed as everything goes thru him, and he and Koren are always 'showing' for the ball.
      Unfortunately again I cant agree with the route one comment. Apart from Bednar there is no-one else up front who can win high balls in the air. I feel we are geared up as a 'footballing' side and will win more games like that as we create more chances. Remember at home away teams will pack the midfield and restrict space so playing a route one game defenders will love it - especially centre halfs ! Also I for one would not want to see the style of football Stoke/Watford play!
      Defensively we are weak, but against Hull in the first half they had one chance and scored,
      I do have concerns over Kiely, for an experienced keeper he does make some strange decisions!