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  • Clive Clive Mar 13, 2008 05:01 Flag

    Up in the air

    How many shots have the Baggies sent over the bar tonight?
    I was rubbish when I played friendly football games, but, even I knew.....Keep OVER the ball to keep it down and the chances are it will beat the goalie and go in.
    Goalies do not like low balls.
    It is our team's players' JOB !...So why don't they do the simple thing?
    Hard, low and kick through the ball.
    BASICS !
    Having also moaned about that.....
    Is Robinson a liability? He is a bruiser and not a thinker.

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    • Hello again Clive!
      It seems it's mostly you and me having a chat on here these days....
      Anyway,as for the Palace game I don't think Robbo caused us any problems last night....it was the right back position that caused us to concede that goal the other three looked reasonably on top of their opposition but Hodgekiss was sadly lacking against Moses.....he couldn't keep up with him and he couldn't challenge him in the air and it cost us in the end as he went missing and left Moses unmarked to score,Mowbray should have played Martis there as he played well there recently or he could have moved Albrechtsen out to right back again,as he has performed well there in the past and brought in Cesar,Martis or Pele at centre half,I'm sorry but Jared just isn't up to this standard of game.....maybe Div 1 or 2....