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    What is happening ?

    After watching that display today against Leicester I am seriously questioning whether the Mowbray/Peace partnership really want to get promoted or stay in their comfort zone of the championship!! On todays game I would like to know if the ref came from Leicester or is he friendly with Mandaric ? it seemed to be one rule for them and another for us ALL game,for reckless challenges Leicester beat us hands down....but they only got yellow cards,Luke Moore did one (his first and only tackle of the game) and he gets red !!!! then the penalty decision....it happened directly in front of where I sit and Hendrie literally threw himself over Greenings leg and the best part was the 'Ref' was pointing to the spot before any contact was made!!!!,after that we had the absolutely ludicrous changes by Mowbray,he takes off two players who were causing Leicester problems and puts on two players who I can't see changing the course of a game and the final inept move by Mowbray was to take off Bednar,who was also putting himself about and causing their back three major headaches and puts on Phillips and tells the team to just pump the ball forward at every opportunity !! we all know that Kev isn't the tallest of blokes and putting him up against three 6 foot plus centre halves and expecting him to win something is asking too much,his tactics after Moore was sent of were laughable !! I think it will be time for a change at the top if we end up missing out on promotion and lose to Portsmouth in the cup......Peace go quietly.....we should have kept Megson and by now we would have been back in the Prem !!

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    • Are you mad!!! Mobray to go and Megson back - what on earth are you talking about! Its amazing that after a couple of performances where we dont win the knives come out and youre calling for the return of 'king' Megson. Why not go the whole way and ask for Atkinson back!
      As for Sats game against Leicester we were cruising till Moore sees the red mist and lunges two footed at Stearman (how many times have we seen that kind of challenge punished in the last month!) Only one person to blame for Saturday - MOORE! We would have won comfortably with 11 men.

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      • No,sorry to disappoint you Alan,I'm not mad just incensed! and I definately wouldn't have Atkinson back at any cost!! I've been watching the Albion since the days of Alan Ashman and I've seen some good times and lots of bad......but I get the impression off the current hierarchy that they like to get close to getting out of this division but not succeeding.....it wouldn't be good for Peace to get promotion as he would have to spend money rather than rake it in !!

      • I couldn't make the match, but a friend said that
        "The Baggies were in complete disarray. Moore should be sent packing back to the Villa."
        "He is too young and kept being dispossessed and that is why the red mist hit him."
        "He didn't like being shown up."