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  • But in your first post you seem to be asking for Megson back unless I read it wrong. You have to agree that most of the football played this season has been much improved than in previous seasons and that has to be down to Mowbray.
    I agree with you that Peace will always have one eye on the finances but even he will see that promotion this season is a must if the club want to move forward. If we dont get promoted the better players will certainly leave and if that happens then we will be a championship club for a long time.
    I too was insensed on Saturday but only for Moore being stupid. Yes the ref got alot wrong too but in football all you can do is influence the things you can control - Moore could have pulled out of the challenge, if he does I think we would have won the game. Also in defence of Mowbray he cant legislate for Barnett getting injured once hes made all subs.

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    • I've just looked at the fixture l;ist and its going to be tough. I think that's whats happening. the league is tough.
      I've also been a fan since Alan Ashman.
      I remember Don Howe being told by the board that the club wouldn't invest in new players during his season in charge and i seem to remember Johnny Giles bringing in a bunch of oldies.
      Its good to look at history. Tony Mowbray's/Jeremy Peace's team/squad has had investment, good players have been signing new contracts, quite a few of the team will be away for international duty this week and we have good young players too.
      TYhe football's been pretty good this year hasn't it? That's a tradition i'm really glad to be linked with. The FA Cup tradition is just a fabulous bonus on this. And if we win two games in hand we're top.
      What's happening is good.