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  • Are you mad!!! Mobray to go and Megson back - what on earth are you talking about! Its amazing that after a couple of performances where we dont win the knives come out and youre calling for the return of 'king' Megson. Why not go the whole way and ask for Atkinson back!
    As for Sats game against Leicester we were cruising till Moore sees the red mist and lunges two footed at Stearman (how many times have we seen that kind of challenge punished in the last month!) Only one person to blame for Saturday - MOORE! We would have won comfortably with 11 men.

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    • No,sorry to disappoint you Alan,I'm not mad just incensed! and I definately wouldn't have Atkinson back at any cost!! I've been watching the Albion since the days of Alan Ashman and I've seen some good times and lots of bad......but I get the impression off the current hierarchy that they like to get close to getting out of this division but not succeeding.....it wouldn't be good for Peace to get promotion as he would have to spend money rather than rake it in !!

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      • But in your first post you seem to be asking for Megson back unless I read it wrong. You have to agree that most of the football played this season has been much improved than in previous seasons and that has to be down to Mowbray.
        I agree with you that Peace will always have one eye on the finances but even he will see that promotion this season is a must if the club want to move forward. If we dont get promoted the better players will certainly leave and if that happens then we will be a championship club for a long time.
        I too was insensed on Saturday but only for Moore being stupid. Yes the ref got alot wrong too but in football all you can do is influence the things you can control - Moore could have pulled out of the challenge, if he does I think we would have won the game. Also in defence of Mowbray he cant legislate for Barnett getting injured once hes made all subs.

    • I couldn't make the match, but a friend said that
      "The Baggies were in complete disarray. Moore should be sent packing back to the Villa."
      "He is too young and kept being dispossessed and that is why the red mist hit him."
      "He didn't like being shown up."