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  • IAIN IAIN Apr 24, 2008 23:28 Flag

    Miracle Man Mowbray

    Good comment...even though you must be looking through rose tinted glasses some of the time,you only see the good things and ignore the less favourable because through good fortune and other clubs slip-ups we are back where we should have been most of the season.

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    • Re: Peace.

      If a man owns an investment company which owns a club who owns the club?
      Past evidence has shown he has never provided significant funds for transfers, in January in particular, okay more goes on wages for "seasoned" pro's so he factors that in which is financially reassuring although frustrating.

      Re: Kiely
      A 3rd keeper is a luxury, can we afford that with the other areas which need attention. I'd say Danek out based on your opinion and the fact he isnt worthy to grace the bench. Plus I saw Kiely come and claim a ball last week, maybe its a new feature of his game.

      Re: Mowbray
      Still no complaints with him personally, he manages the squad well, has chosen some good players, gets the team playing passing (real) football. Devils advocate, some might say over elaborate football, and a tendancy to be occasionally late with subs? Though I am certainly not complaining.

      Hopefully a win on Monday, whether or not Hull lose and maybe a cup to celebrate with? Not celebrating til I see it with my own 2 eyes.