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  • Clive Clive Apr 30, 2008 02:13 Flag


    Yes it looks like we are heading to the non-supporter friendly premiership.
    I say that because we never know when we are playing, or even if we are playing that week, without checking the fixtures.
    This is down to Sky and it's money and not the true football supporters.
    Having said that we can do with the money and should do well when we get up there.
    Well done to the lads.

    • did any other team play today apart from STOKE CITY im sick of hearing about how they achievevd promotion the game on sky....SCFC...the game on radio 5.......SCFC....hey media how about some coverage of the CHAMPIONS.....West Bromwich Albion Football Club....roll on next season and look out premiership
      wish list
      1.Micheal Owen
      2.Paul Scholes
      3.Sol Cambell
      4.Robbie Keane
      good luck boys..........im very proud
      boing boing