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  • Well Jeremy's games have started already ! No victory parade through West Brom......Stoke came second and they're having one tonight!,perhaps Mr.Peace thinks we the fans have seen enough of the team recently (according to the statement issued to Sandwell council) it stated that a capacity crowd saw us draw with Saints and 3,000 travelled to QPR so by his reckoning we've had enough!!,I for one would have dearly loved to have seen the team go through the town on a bus...we haven't had anything to really celebrate (winning anyway) since 1968 !!! and I could guarantee Mr.Peace that there would have been a lot more lining the streets to thank the team than 33,000 who watched the last two games,what about the many thousands who couldn't get a ticket for QPR?,what about all the others that couldn't get to see the Saints game,Mr.Peace is forgetting one basic fact.....IF IT WASN'T FOR THE FANS THERE WOULDN'T BE A CLUB !!!,so come on lets hear some voices protesting about this let down,Sandwell council are saying that they are still willing to put on a bus and a reception at the town hall if the club want it..........

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