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  • Why wont Mowbray,or is it the man behind him.......Tightwad Peace !,get Phillips signed for the two years he wants,he's not asking for a massive rise in wages he just wants the two years!!!! and after that I would get him signed up to coach,with all the knowledge and experience he has it would be of great benefit to Miller,Moore and partly to Bednar too,to pass on his wisdom and hopefully improve the forwards we have.
    On to the mighty Zoltan,he only wants a fair deal he has not asked them to break the bank to keep him here,he just wants a rise like anyone else,hopefully to reflect his value and past service to us and you cant say that we haven't had our moneys worth out of him and Phillips,can you ??

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    • while i agree with your comments regarding the players mentioned. to me i believe that we have a manager who will be bullied into giving out contracts willy nilly but i think albion NEED to keep zoltan gera more than philips.....sure he scores goals but will K.P.score 20 in the prem ?
      come on tony get us the players that are needed to keep us up rip up the back 4 plus the keeper and lets hit the ground running we all know albion wont score 100+ goals as they have done so for last 2 seasons but a name for you and he is available micheal owen go on break the bank a perfect replacement for k.p...boing boing

    • Unfortunately we are not privvy to the Baggies' wage structure.
      I do agree though, that we need to keep our squad together and add a strong centre back who can marshall our AWOL defence.