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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 22, 2008 18:07 Flag

    Are we going to stay up ?

    Lets just re-iterate the points regarding the three players that have been released: -

    Martin A: - Was never going to command a regular place, he is not rated by Mowbray and after watching his performances last year he will be no great loss.

    Z Gera: - Was offered champions league football by both turkish teams and also italian football by Roma, turned them all down to go to fulham where he will pick up £35,000 a week!! He went for the money, plain and simple, if the guy had any ambition in football he would have gone somewhere to prove himself against the best players in the world.

    K Phillips: - Is 34 Years old, will be 35 come start of season. Was HUGELY disappointing in his last stint at the big stage 3 years ago, was never going to become a coach as he has already stated his intention to leave football once his career is finished. Was offered £20,000 a week by WBA on a one year contract with an additional contract to follow after 19 appearances. Turned it down to accept £24,000 a week on a two year deal @ Blues. Shows how much he values his own chances of actually playing in 19 games if he was worried about completing the minimum number required to activate the clause in his contract. That being the case do you really want an unhappy 35 year old on £20,000 a week?

    Mowbray and Peace have been spot on for me.

    They have purchased the Porto Left Back for under 1.5M (The right back went to chelsea for 16.4M!!) They have brought an england GK, we need one more striker and we'll be ready.

    Trust in Tony