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  • IAIN IAIN Sep 3, 2008 04:13 Flag

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH.....................

    I agree with Clive.....again! we lost big time when Kev went to the Bluenoses and right up to transfer deadline and who have we signed to replace him........NOBODY !!!!! Miller can't play on his own up front with his back to goal he can't turn!! he's only any good running AT defenders,why can't Mowbray give Slusarski a try,he looked good in pre season,play him and Bednar up front and I would guarantee we would score!!

    • How much of KP leaving was anything to do with Mowbray?
      It's all the man behind the scenes, and while he has finally given the manager a fund to buy new talent worthy of the promotion, he couldn't dig a little deeper for Gera and KP's wages?