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  • I doubt it, but i'm wondering where we went wrong. We have give 100% in every game, but our defence is a joke. Give Tony M time!!!!.

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    • No - you haven't.

      It's a shame because your fans were excellent today - much better than your players.

      It seems unfair that such good fans see their side relegated, when Middlesbrough fans still might see their team stay up (assuming any of them bother to turn up).

      Good luck next season from a Liverpool fan.

    • im wba surporter,but we have no cutting egde,look at last season,highest scoring club in all the leagues,and how many have left us.

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      • Why were you the highest scoring team ? one easy answer...KEVIN PHILLIPS....

        Nothing more to say that you don't know anyway.

      • probably because when you were in the championship half baked or crocks can be made to look class acts against lowly teams when push comes to shove and put up against some of the best players in the world they look meadiocre be honest and look at the investment made by mowbury what pedigree did they have playing in the premier league?with the side he is currently playing they would win the championship no problem but as proved yet again do not in the premier league i just hope my beloved WOLVES dont make the same mistake i think the sooner you accept the fact that you are not in a posistion with a manager whos future is elsewhere to be in the best league in the world

    • You will go down, barring the biggest miracle in league history.
      it's a genuine pity, As a Blues supporter I was hoping for us, wolves and WBA to give the Vile a hard time, you cant beat derby matches!
      Hope you come straight back up and bring Coventry with you, wouldnt that be a season, all those local Derbys!
      SOTV, KRO

    • time for what his mind has been made up on the middlesbourough stuation for months how can you expect a team to play for a manager whos mind is on other things like when he takes over .from a wolves fan