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  • david david Jan 14, 2010 23:58 Flag

    who is our best forward line to play

    what do baggies supporters think is our best forward line,do they think with miller back from injury that he is part of the answer,what about getting kev phillips back from birmingham to partner miller or would it be better with cox and bednar opinions please....boing boing

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    • no point looking back to phillips. what kind of season did he have last year.
      also no point in looking at the strikers in isolation. you need to look at the feed too. Robert Koren plays the most positive ball - always looking to move it forward.
      You also need to look for the goal threat. Cox and Bednar may be the best bet for now with Koren or Dorrans in the hole. Miller can also give us width so a 4-3-3 could be an alternative.
      Some baggies fans look back to the days of Megson. Not me. But what i did like about Megson's team was they could change formoation during a game. There is more than one way at looking at alternatives.