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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 27, 2010 16:42 Flag


    Wow Zippy you are really annoyed and angry. I don't tend to get involved in these type of arguments as they are usually conducted by the sort of people you would cross the road to avoid. You know the type....Trackie Bottoms and Tight Fitting Henley T-shirts cause they is cool...init....I suggest that instead of picking fights with everyone and trying to justify your position as a Villa fan you simply appreciate the excellent work done by O'Neil, and accept your rightful place as the 6/7 best team in the country. No-One is denying you that right and any fellow Albion fans who try and say different are just trying to wind you up, its obvious the Villa are a much bigger team than the Albion. However when Mowbray took us down we still clapped and cheered him off the pitch (Mind You, look what he thought of us!!) When O'Neil lost 0-3 to Wigan he was booed off at half time and fulltime. Every team has their plus points and negatives, Villas negatives have always been the fans, you constant ranting is simply proving that point.

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