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  • optimus prime optimus prime Jul 9, 2007 15:28 Flag


    David Millar is Scottish, or British, as you like. So Eurosport/Yaboo please show the correct flag after his name, it's a simple thing isn't it? You'd be well #$%$ if I put the wrong flag after your name, wouldn't you?
    I wonder how many other dopies, sorry riders you've mis-labelled?
    I was lucky enough to follow the tdf for 10 yrs when I lived in France, and it was great to see us Brits embrace what is probably one of the last truly heroic sporting events in the world. Decathlon & Marathon spring to mind.And much as I would like the doping really prohibited, when they're all doing it, it's still an even playing field. The French are very pragmatic about this, just don't get caught.