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    Your Tour de France - ask Sean Kelly & David Harmon

    Post all your questions for the Eurosport commentary team and they will answer the best of them live on air during the daily live coverage of each Tour de France stage.

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    • just curious how harnan has time to talk such nonsense if all he thinks about is tasting Wiggins manhood. Not a mentio how Wiggins has been sheltered and dragged around france for three weeks... hardly surprising he was the least tired rider today.
      They babied him in Spain too and he screwed it up. Lucky for Sky pushing the 4th best rider in the team has paid off this time. Finallly Harman get your head out of your #$%$. the Giro is more competitive and more challenging to win than le tour.

    • When did Wiggins create his lead?
      I missed the first couple of days and by the time I was able to follow the race he had already got the lead that he's held onto ever since. I now think the Stage winners and the King of the Mountains competition is much more exciting

    • Hi fellas

      Absolutely loving this tour and the coverage/commentary.

      Just wondering what your opinions are on Sky’s potential ambitions in next year’s tour? Could we have 2 British winners in 2 years if Wiggins helps Froome win yellow next year? Also do you think it would be feasible for Sky to win both Yellow and Green in the same tour with Cavendish and Wiggins/Froome?



      On the Isle of Wight - just off to the Swiss Alps mountain biking for a week!

    • Hi Guyz

      You do a fabulous job on the Tour and I’ve
      watched you and respected you for years.

      Thank you for the pleasure you have given
      to me and my family for so many years.

      However, I do think that Bradley should
      devote his win to the first Englishman ever to
      ride the Tour – one Charles Holland.

      He’s all but forgotten now, but he rode for us,
      with no back up team, no manager, no soigneurs,
      no masseurs, no team mates and he didn’t even
      speak the language.

      But he gave it a go, way back in 1937!

      And it would be great if you guys could mention
      him and the fabulous book about him called
      Dancing Uphill.

      Perhaps you could mention to Wiggo that he ought
      to dedicate his win, not to the late, great Tommy Simpson,
      but to the honest and very honourable Charles Holland,
      the very first of the iron breed of TdF warhorses.

      With great respect for the enormous pleasure you
      provide to all your viewers

      John Beavis

      Holland rode 2,000 miles until a broken pump stranded him on the day to Luchon. He punctured behind the leaders on the Col de Port, fitted a new tyre and found the heat had warped the washer of his pump. He got the tyre to half-pressure but punctured twice more and ran out of tyres.[13]

      “A crowd of peasants had gathered around me but they couldn't help me. A priest brought me a bottle of beer, and although it quenched my thirst it got me no further. After I had given up hope, a tourist came along and gave me a tubular touring tyre. I put it on, and in the excitement of the moment the rod of the pump broke. We blew the tyre hard with another pump but the tyre fitted so loosely on the rim that it came off with the fingers and so was unsafe. Another tyre was found that fitted a little better, and again I set off, but I had by then given up hope.”

      Holland didn't take the experience lightly...

      “My riding in the Tour de France was a big disappointment to me because I felt I'd never been extended. I had a lot left in reserve. I didn't expect to win because we didn't have a team and I didn't have a manager. It seemed that they wanted me out of the race. They didn't give me a fair deal. You need a manager for a race like that, someone who can hand up your rations and your drinks, which you get through a lot of. But to have an organisation for one man wasn't in their thinking. They thought that nobody could ride without a manager. So they got all the publicity they could out of me but they wanted me out because what would people think if an individual rider with no support finished their race?”

      Chapeau, as you so often say!!

    • You should have an insert shot of yourselves (the commentators) on your broadcast every so often.

      Henry in Minnesota, USA

    • Good afternoon guys! Thanks for my 13th year of TDF on Eurosport! Always a year highlight for me....

      I was wondering? What do you guys feel is the best influence to the tour over the years and equally the worst influence to the tour over the years? Technology? Road Conditions? Route or Fans? etc??

      Calvin from Norwich

    • Spectators on their way by bike to Orchies Boulogne: If anyone is taking their bike across the channel at Dover: Watch out after the boarding card booths at Dover: There is a small section of tram line. I didn't notice and just spent 6 weeks off work waiting for my ankle ligaments to heal.(Great coverage of Dauphine and Tour de Swiss). Keep it up

    • How come it was okay for a bystander to push Voeklor out of the car park yesterday or is this a normal occurance?

    • hello sean, dave,could you please tell me whether bradley wiggins would recover from his fall in time to take part in the Vuelta,also dont you think it unlucky that he isn't still in the tour when you consider that the only 2 riders in great form leading up to the tour was bradley and cadel, and look how well he's going when the other GC contenders seem to be struggling?? great commentary as always boys. regards Sean O'Brien.

    • was malc elliot going to say tiny winy amount off points ,before he stopped himself lol

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