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  • mycle mycle Jul 7, 2008 13:44 Flag

    Should the "Tour de France" be boycotted?

    I've decided to not watch the Tour de France this year, due to the treatment of the Astana team. There are several other teams that should not be participating due doping, but were still allowed to race. This is a slap in the face to Astana. Even though I love the Tour and it's history, I just feel the authenticity of the race is gone. I feels like they are trying anything to keep the best riders out, so a french man can finally win it again. I just don't trust the current organizers and not sure if I'll ever watch it again. What do you think?

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    • i was astounded to see the start list and see astana had been excluded yet cofidis had been allowed to ride!,cofidis have a very stained image regarding doping in the tour de france and last year pulled out with the finish in paris almost in sight!,(did'nt our own bradley wiggins suffer the humiliation of prolonged interrogation although innocent of any wrong doing?).
      i am afraid the tour organisers use the tour just like the french government use the EU, for france and the french people only,with their french noses stuffed deep in to the trough.

    • The Tour is bigger than any one rider or team. Drugs and scandal has brought the tour to its knees in recent years, not to mention the sport of cycling itself.
      I have sympathy for what is basically a new Astana team and I saw Contador's win in the Giro and it is a real shame that he is not taking part.
      I have to disagree with the idea that this is engineered to produce a French winner - seriously, who? There isn't a French rider yet who is anywhere near capable of winning the Tour. I think it would be good if there was a French winner soon, but I can't see it personally for a few years yet.
      I also have sympathy for the race organisers because Astana were twice given the benefit of the doubt and both times betrayed that trust and brought the race into disrepute - mud sticks as they say.

    • The way the tour organisers have stopped Astana from participating in this year's TDF is quite ridiculous especially since Cofidis are still allowed to take part.

      However drug taking to enhance sporting proformance in cycling (or any other sport) is only to prevelant these days and is a really serious issue that must be stamped out regardless.

      To use another sport as an example, if you could imagine for one moment what kind of impact this could have with two tennis professionals one of whom is taking a banned substance to enhance his sporting proformance enabling him to win the final - it would cause a public outcry and people would be up in arms calling for the drug-cheat to be banned.

      That said I do not agree that Astana should be stopped from participaing in this year's TDF. This is not the same Astana team as last year (Vinokourov is no longer riding for them and as a matter of fact, he has quit cycling altogether).

      Tom Boonan on the other hand has only been found guilty of taking a recreational drug out of competition and should therefore still have been allowed to participate in this year's TDF.

      I will continue to watch the TDF (because it is the most exciting road race in the world) and hope that the mistakes of the past do not come back to blight cycling as in last year's race.