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  • Just saw a quick interview with Mark Cavendish on ITV4 ,have to ask ,does he always have such a bad attitude or was it just a bad day ?

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    • How typical to beat people down who are rising to the top of their career. In cycling it is all about teamwork and unfortunately for Cav it didnt happen. he is a highly focused and talented rider who is respected by his peers. I would like to see how anyone would react having a mike shoved in front of you and a provoking question asked. he had adrenelin still coursing through him and was very dissappointed. I for one think he has done more to show the clean side of cycling and is a credit to the sport. Also he always goes on club runs when home and is very down to earth. he will bring home a gold from the olympics!! The team are trained to win!!

    • ryan d,just accept that mark cavendish is now world number 1 road sprinter & has now got thousands more fans through his tour exploits!,tom boonen ,cippo,maertens,van looy etc and other sprinters all started out with attitude!,it is the make up of road sprinters to believe in themselves & their ability to crush the opposition in sprints.
      if they did not have this never say die!,i am the greatest!, atitude they would never explode from the bunch through gaps that were never there!,it is what makes them great!,without attitude they would be club riders riding midweek 10 mile time trials!,like you???.

    • typo is on the "nd" not the "3"

    • 3 very important points.

      1) my analysis refers primarily to ROAD RACING (isnt it obvious?) and to those guys who train and race hard (good 3rds, 2nds and 1sts) NOT the kind of rider whos got a full time job and commitments and can only ride twice a week...im trying to explain why the gulf between men and women in cycling is much bigger than in other sports, and why itll never attract so much interest or money. in tennis, at least the girls have a different playing style which is pleasing to watch in a different way to that of the guys. womens cycling offers no such compensation for spectators. female cyclists are 3nd rate in terms of raw performance.

      2) burton was a phenomenon, yes, but dont get carried away. lets put it in context. back then, when she got the record, there only were a handful of guys doing the 12hour who u could truly call competitive, its not really a big pool of talent, now is it. she later got invited to race against the pro men in the grand prix de nations, came in last completely off the pace. right, so what. the 12hour is a lot more competitive thesedays, but still, it doesnt attract a lot of riders coz its such an outrageous thing to do, i really do wonder what they think about!

      as for the surface-area to power ratio, i do think its important to remember that the 12hour is a low power time-trial, comparatively speaking, so OF COURSE it offers women a better chance at closing the gender performance gap. look at ultra-running (low power) top girls often beat top guys.

      please dont mix up time trialling requisites with road racing requisites. even a female time-triallist of burtons class would be shelled after the first climb of a local mens 3rd cat race.

      3) there is no doubt in my mind that top female cyclists are way way cuter than other sports' female atheletes, and the more of them, the better as far as im concerned.

    • that ryan d,
      does the d mean #$%$ (or dunce) i wonder?.
      he seems amazed that people claim to know mark cavendish!,does ryan d live in a cave in afghanistan?,here in our little island of uk we race in small divisions around the country,everyone knows or has raced against each other!,we mix after races and have a tea/coffeee and a cake together after races!,no prima donnas here!.
      mark cavendish comes from a small island called isle of man which is part of merseyside division covering liverpool & the wirral & ,north wales on the uk mainland and used to take regular trips to uk mainland to race and learn his trade!,he was not just born a pro-bike rider in the peleton you know?.
      it must be a real sheltered life you lead in your little cave!.

    • mark cavendish wins and wins good & plenty for his team!,in interviews he is always more than willing to acknowledge his team and thank them for the hard work!,nothing wring with that!.
      he recognises the days are long,windy and hard,and he wins by 2 or 3 bike lengths,nothing wrong with that!,if he was belgian or dutch you would be hailing him as GREAT!,give the young guy a break will ya!,he is on the verge of a great career and already people are ready to put him down!.
      lay off.

    • I take it you did,nt do biology at school ? He has,nt changed from last year fool or did,nt you see his miserable interviews when it goes badly yet when he wins he is courting the media like a cat with a mouse !!! A good sportsman does,nt pick n choose when to do interviews nicely.You be polite and courteous win or lose!!! he is a jumped up little ego machine!!! Come on Thor Hushovd show the little kid how it,s done when he takes the green jersey !!! Anyway i can,t continue debating this with the ill informed members of his extended family on here!! He wont change typical British overrated prima dona!

    • the little fecker walks the walk again. fair play, mark cavendish, awesome sprinting

    • jeez, chaps, lighten up. as an irish man I can hardly be said to have any in-built pro-British attitude, but nonetheless in Cavendish i see only a cocky young git who can actually walk the walk (to use a vaguely confusing phrase). he's both a character AND a winner. Hats (as our beloved commentators so often say)!

    • The British rider, no question.

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