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  • Why shud honest fans and players have to suffer bcos of theiving board members give leeds there points back send them n the swans (who r worthy champions) up . To any leeds fan we miss u up sunderland only u n the mags sell ya allocation.

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    • They did "NOT" deserve to get the points back. LFC broke the rules...Simple As That.
      End of story, stop moaning.

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      • Still not getting this are we?
        Can we point to the specific rule which was broken? LUFC apparently followed what it believed were rules applying to 'exceptional circumstances' - see previous post.
        Not yet seen the official report but a sports lawyer on local radio has made the following analysis of the key findings up.
        The ruling of the hearing effectively says that;
        1. LUFC are to blame for a late appeal - documentary evidence shows that the club tried to appeal from 30th August
        2. the appeal fails on the grounds LUFC signed an agreement not to appeal. As this agreement was signed under duress - specifically 'if you don't sign, we are taking our ball home and you can't play with us anymore' - it is hard to see what else any club would have done in the circumstances.
        3. there are failings within the rules - specifically mentioning a lack of clarity - implying that these rules will be changed soon. I'm guessing that at least two current FL clubs will be hoping the rules change this coming summer or we will expect two clubs to be looking at a -15pt start next season.
        4. to change the original ruling would have an impact on the clubs currently challenging for 2nd place. Once again, this represents a vested interest - the FL would be open to action from whoever finished third.

        The bottom line is, it appears that the governing body makes up its rules on the hoof as and hopes no-one will challenge them.

        By the way John, if this had been LFC and not LUFC, I doubt it would have gone the way it has. They managed to get a qualifying berth for the champions league a couple of seasons ago on the basis of pub pool rules - winner stays on - despite not making the cut in the premier league.

    • Because they broke the rules! Why should Leeds get away with it while other clubs have not been able to? If they get ANY points back the League itself will have lost any respect it has ever had.
      Leeds are only fighting for this now because they are afraid they won't gain promotion.

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      • Leeds broke the rules, everyone else didn't, oh, lets bend the rules for Leeds.


        Lets be fair, lets play by the rules.

        C'mon Leeds can't you do that?

      • the Leeds players and fans didnt break the rules,
        even if we dont get the 15 back we will have a go for the playoffs or win he leauge outright next season, we can wait if we have to but we will be back where we belong very soon.

      • The whole issue of rule breaking is an interesting question; it may have been, or at least looked like, pretty sharp practice to take a 10 point drop in a relegation season but it was not against the rules. I'm sure if any body else had spotted this option, they would have taken it.

        The subsequent CVA problems were at least in part forced by the inland revenue - a problem seems to exist between satisfying the conflicting requirements of both the revenue and the self interests of the FL and it club members.
        By presenting Leeds with the option 'agree to the 15 point deduction - voted on by private club members who all have a vested interest in the outcome - or you can't play in our competitions' on the eve of the new season, the FL had sown the seeds for this situation.

        re the last comment about only fighting for it now because..... The written request for arbitration was posted 19th December when we had picked up 48 from 60 points - before the mid season rot - and still looked good for the title - never mind play-offs.

        If you want a cynics view, the League has tried to ignore this hoping it would go away or that it would be able to make a minor 5 point consession without it affecting the outcome of the season.

        In all honesty, I would have preferred to have won outright promotion despite the 15 point penalty but seeing the incomptetent, self serving and self righteous fools in charge of the league so obviuosly squirming and trying to wriggle out of this mess is more fun that I could have dreamt. Even the most biased fan of another club would have to ask 'Why are the FL so keen to keep the proceedings of the arbitration hearing secret?' Something to hide?