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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 5, 2005 23:57 Flag

    Time for Pompey to show the Passion Again.

    I'm now a long distance Pompey Supporter living in Sydney Australia.

    I have to say i was amazed why Harry left in the first place, the team was just starting to hold its own in the Premier League and then bang, we get Zelic or whoever he was, then the Perrin & Pleat thing, using the side that Harry built we stay up.

    During the off-season we buy or loan 12 new players, most of these were signed after pre-season had begun, Perin really expected that they would be able to operate as a team? No we see failure on the largest ever scale. I mean Fratton Park used to be a fortress, where players would spit blood to make Pompey get over the line.

    Thats where I come back to Harry; with Harry in the past he brought that fighting spirit out of all his players; on the field there seemed to be the spirit that they knew when the Blue shirt was pulled on it meant work.

    Lets now all pull together behind Harry again, raise those Pompey Chimes to the highest and get the team to find the passion that Perrin forgot to mention to them when he signed them.

    Frankly anyone in the team that doesn't want to fight for the side should be shipped back to whence they came.

    Any players reading this message are advised they are 'On Notice' to perform. Portsmouth Football Club is a religion; best you convert now or face the wrath of Harry & our fans.