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  • Can someone enlighten me what the craze is about this fat, southern and very mediocre manager. He's selling himself between two clubs that no one cares about and making a fat personal profit by doing so. Its a very boring scenario, made worse by the fact that you's actually seemed pleased he's back with you. I can't see where the story is! Redknapp leaves Portsmouth for Southampton......Wow! Then he comes back.....Wow! The long winter nights must just fly by for you's lot. How do you cope with the exitement???

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    • i am sorry you are so sad. who do you support?

    • The winter nights are spent doing anagrams, Did you know that Graham Souness becomes "Oh arse Samsungs" a comment heard when the other Blues arrive!!

      Happy new year

    • I write as a Pompey supporter of about 55 years standing. I don't understand this hatred of Southampton and The Saints. When I was a teenager, I often used to go and watch Saints when Pompey were away. I think Saints were in the Third Division (South) in those days whereas Pompey had always been a First Division team. We regarded Fratton Park as a lovely stadium then whereas The Dell was a typical lower division ground. I used to go to see Saints when Pompey were away because, in those days, the motorway system was not in place, most trains were steam hauled and travel was much slower than it is now. Also, we didn't have the money to spend in those days. I remember going to an away FA Cup match at Burnley. Our steam hauled special train left Portsmouth Harbour at 11.25pm on the Friday night! We lost the match 1-0. Burnley were also in the First Division then.
      I left the Portsmouth area to go and work in London in 1963 and have lived in the London area ever since, although most of my family still live in and around Fareham. In London, I follow the Arsenal as, at one time, we lived within walking distance of their ground. I often wondered how I would feel if Arsenal played Pompey. This was answered when they were drawn against one another in the FA Cup - I supported Pompey! Even these days, Pompey's result is the one I look for first. You never forget your first love - the team you supported during your formative years. Southampton's result I largely look on with indifference. I certainly don't hate them; I'm just not over interested in what they do. I am a Pompey supporter - I am not concerned about Southampton. I don't really buy this dockyard business - that may be a reason to dislike or hate those who worked in the docks in those days but is certainly not a reason to hate all the supporters of a football club, many of whom have never worked in the docks.
      I am not even anti-Tottenham but I think their crowd (along with Man Utd's) are probably the worst in the Premiership as they get on their teams' backs when things are not going well. Pompey supporters, however, have a good and well-deserved reputation amongst other fans as they always keep supporting their own team even when they are losing. This was well illustrated against Spurs last Monday and it would be a pity to risk losing that reputation because of this silly hatred of Southampton.
      The point of all this is - Keep supporting your own team and don't waste your time and effort on insulting others. I love watching the Pompey fans on TV but have become tired of all this anti-Saints rubbish.

      Pompey need to put decent infrastructure in place because, without it, they will never attract top managers or players. I don't say Harry is not a top manager but the fact that Fratton Park is within reasonable travelling distance of his home is a big consideration at his age. As regards players, Pompey will only get the foreign players (or maybe Championship players) who just want to play in the Premiership and hope that one of the bigger clubs will be impressed enough to come in for them. The need for a new stadium and decent training facilities is paramount. Unfortunately, I think that the City Council have a lot to answer for over the years. Clubs like Blackburn, Sunderland, even Wigan get new stadiums because they are in predominantly working class areas and the local councils actually want to have a Premiership football team in their towns.

      I hope this provokes a decent discussion. Keep up the good work. Play up Pompey!!

    • what has someones weight got to do with managerial qualities?
      largest amount of obesity is in the north,sounds ironic!

    • We will keep HR
      You can keep GS
      Enough said without been abusive.

    • Let me enlighten you in a few things..

      The word "you's" doesn't exist, theres a convention to leave a space after a full stop and there's a 'c' in excitement.

      You should have asked a few of your teachers to enlighten you; northern fool.

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      • We`re not all `fik in the north mate. Some are and some aren`t. Bottom line is, Redknapp`s an opportunistic tosspot. Portsmouth may well stay up, BUT, it won`t be HR`s doing. Just fate. ( personally I think you`ll have a honeymoon of 3-6 games, then things will fall apart. After all, you`re just southern tosspots.

        PS. It`s 2 spaces after a full stop and one after a comma. So who`s the real thicky mate?

        I`ve made 4 deliberate punctuational fuck ups in my reply. Can u spot them dickhead?

        Ta ta

      • oh god! Not another retard that picks up on spelling mistakes. The previous post, before this jelly head, was valid. I fully understand the hatred between you's...sorry...you and Southampton. But thats not as unique as it sounds. We all hate our rivals. Our hatred of Sunderland also delves into the history books, as does Merseyside, the black Country, London...etc...etc.The docks thing doesn't work! We can all claim historical reasons. What I can't understand is this fixation with Redknapp!Ok, you get shot of your manager because you are in a dire position...fair enough. But why go licking the boots of a man that shafted you for your bitterest rivals. What is he, what has he done, what is his attraction???? Why are you jumping through hoops because he's returned? If its just because he's left Southampton so you lot can poke your fingers at your rivals, then you are as sad as all this seems to be. So much for bitter hatred, you haven't clawed your Manager back from the evil hands of Southampton, he's jumped a sinking ship and you have thrown him a very lucrative life line......aye, canny rivalry you have down there?????????????

    • That's why you live in durham !!.People who do not live in the hampshire area DO-NOT understand this is not just a football thing.
      Spend a small amount of time on the south coast and you will soon realise that pompey and scum HATE each other not just dislike like close clubs up north ,but a real long lasting hatred that goes back to the dockyard strikes in the 60's.
      that is why it has been such a big thing.

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      • 1920s..

        s**********n company union men went back to work first...Hence the phrase scum or scummers.

      • Hate is a very strong word, i am intruding on this site, being as Southampton fan, and I'm a girly, so no nasty comments please, I was born and breed in southampton so obviously as soon as the results are in I look for the southampton result....usually a loss, but hey hoe, then I look for the portsmouth result. Yes we didnt like it when Harry came back to Portsmouth, but he didnt do us any good, so good luck to him with your team. Im now straying, the point being, I was born in 1965, docks strikes was never a reason I heard for the rivallry between our two clubs, I thought for many years it was just a "south coast thing". But as a couple of you have pointed out, it was obviously a big thing back in the day, so was world war one, two, falklands, everything that has happened in the world since 1960, we get over things, come on, were British, at the end of the day, it is a game, sport, enjoyable moments away from all the humdrum of everyday life. Back when I was 18-30 really, living in southampton we never travelled to Portsmouth for the nightlife, never knew anyone from Portsmouth, Bournemouth was the place to go the Acadamy on a Friday and Saturday night was the place to be. My point being, as you get older you travel more, you open your mind more and silly little rivalry seems pathetic in the grand scheme of life. To hate is to wish someone dead, do we really HATE each other.

      • P.S
        they also smell !!! LOL