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    will fratton park lose its atmosphere?

    i was thinking about this new chairman helping to build a new stadium but what i am worried about is will fratton park lose its atmosphere? i love fratton park the way it is : the horrid toilets, the expensive refreshments and tiny seats! when it is modern will it still have the same feeling?

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    • Fratton will never lose it's attmosphere, it is the fans that make this club as great as it is. We could play in a local park or in the theater of dreams pompeys fans will still make this a club to be proud of. It was our fans that got a buzz of energy a few years back and i believe that is what has realy brought us back to the big time. Look at the scummers no matter how nice their stadium is, there will always be a feeble, and weak attmosphear there. It is the fans that make a club what it is. PLAY UP POMPEY!!!! remember 4-1 *:)

    • I love Pompey but the ground is a *hithole. A new stadium will bring more fans of all types. More women, children etc. Possibly edible food - who knows?

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      • If the fans who give Fratton Park the atmosphere it has, are not priced out at the new Stadium, then you will take that atmosphere with you. The prices are the only thing you should be worried about. How else is the New Stadium going to be paid for?
        Fratton Park is one of the most emotional crowds in Football. Not just the Prem, but the Whole of Europe. You're a credit to the game. Long may it continue.

    • More importantly will it have the same noise too baffle the opposition!!!
      I say yes, its always great to see us on tv away from home with a minimal amount of supporters compare to the home side and still hear us above them. Plus the extra capacity should have the desired effect!!! As for the rest of the place be assured you will still be overcharged, but i think the toilets may take a change for the better......
      What i want to know is when are we gonna buy St Mary's and turn it onto a car park? heh heh only joking...........