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    portsmouth in general

    As an Arsenal fan, most of you will probably take this in a bad light but i mean no offence.

    Last night, you got a point from what was realistically your only shot on goal. Well done and fair play, you have to take your chances (take note Adebayor) but there are a few reasons as to why you are i think and hope going down.

    Lua Lua's injury! stupid boy! when will he learn?

    As someone who works for an Acoustics company, its very difficult to praise your "12th man" the fans. Now don't get me wrong, your support of your team is excellent and i hold my hands up to that, but you are certainly not as loud as some suggest.

    An open terrace allows for no sound waves. All three sides of the pompey end is enclosed meaning that accoustically your sound is boosted by 24% and because it comes in the form of an M shape, well i won't bore you with stats suffice to say that given an equal chance( with a roof)on the away end i don't believe your ground would seem anywhere near as intimidating.

    Those bells are bloody irritating.

    Finally your ground is by far the worst in the premiership and does not warrant a position in the top league. The food stand is dire, the turnstiles are ridiculous. You don't serve beer which when its pissing down with rain is the least we deserve standing watching that for an hour and a half.

    Finally and i guess most importantly, your team is not good enough! I apologise if i upset anyone, football is about opinions and that is mine.

    If i do end up wrong, well done.
    Given the choice i will be cheering west brom, but if you do stay up, i will keep my head down and force myself to eat a pastie next season!!!


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    • As a Villa fan I'm glad we could be of service to you today by stuffing those blue nose bastards, at least pompey are willing to fight to stay up unlike the others, i.e blues, baggies. Keep it up lads and see you next summer!

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      • Cheers mate, thing with us Pompey fans is you know we'll be there weva pompey are in the Premiership or as far down as League 2, still be singing our hearts out and be proud of where were from. All we want to see is players giving there all for our club, win or loose if they do that we'll support them, no doubt about it. Im sure your just the same about Villa, its looking good and fingers crossed we'll meet next season! and with regards to that Arsenal "fan" I wonder if they took 5000 to Fulham or Wigan, thats support... and are the Acoustics good in the Putney Stand? Coz we sure did make alot of noise!

    • wanker!!!!!

    • Can we help it if you've got crap strikers!! You were lucky we let you have a point!!

    • if we're not good enough how come you couldn't beat us? if you're that good how come Pires had to dive in your unbeaten season to get you a result? the reason we don't sell beer is because people like you can't handle it. have a nice day

    • when i went to highbury this season your acoustics obviously dont do many favours for your supporters either then. You had a good 3 and a half sides of the ground and still our 3000 fans were outsinging you even though we were four nil down. No offence but for these comments i hope you dont win the Champions League and when your one man decides to leave your team for sunnier climates(barcelona) let us see how much of a good side you really are.

    • hmmm, your not bitter then :)))

      acoustics - we are 75% louder then the library - so even if your theory was right then who cares. Also speak to any Fulham fan and ask how we managed to make that ground 50% louder a couple of weeks ago.

      i hope lua lua injurys himself celebrating a goal every week ;) what you miss as a arsenal fan is passion, lua lua and portsmouth fans have this and hence his over elaborate celebrations are what we like from our players. If arsenal had passion we would have probably got beaten on wednesday. This is why Thierry likes us so much, he would love to play in front of fans that care more about football then the choice of pies at half time

      yes those bells are irritating

      who cares about the ground - i dont, i dont care if we never get the new stadium as long as the atmosphere stays the way it is, and although premiership is nice not seeing us in it will not stop me from supporting my team

      team was not good enough, we will see if the current team is – that is why we have a league system, its not a democracy

      see you next season

    • thats football for you...we played Blackbrun the other day and they had two shots and scored 2, we had 24 and scored 2...you take the ups and downs and unfortunatley you guys are on a down at the moment which is why you are so pissed off...even 3rd from bottom is an up for us so we're happy.

      ps you did bore us with all that acoustics crap, and i hope you're looking forward to moving to your souless new home...

    • Hey maybe as a spurs fan I should not be butting in but when you say Portsmouth got a point with their only shot as if they did not deserve it I find that very strange because I was watching the Charlton/ Boro game and at half time in that game the commentators flicked over to half time where they pointed out that Arsenal had scored just before half time but Portsmouth were by no means out of the game in fact they had more chances. Maybe he was watching a different game or maybe an ex-proffesional player turned commentator knows less about football than the average Gooner.

      Once again well done Portsmouth on a WELL EARNED POINT

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