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  • jj jj Jul 18, 2006 02:10 Flag

    Pompey are going backwards

    Having booted Perrin's one good signing out, presumably as not having to fight for a place will make Johnson perform better week by week, Pompey now look likely to lose LuaLua.

    Obviously every player who has a pair of football boots has been mentioned as a Pompey target, but no-one's arrived yet.
    If this continues the squad will be weaker than that which scraped to the flippin' excellent escape act last season.
    Blackburn arent gonna let Nelson go, and thank christ Campbell is able to resist the attractions of Portsmouth.
    Just what became of the list drawn up when the owners and 'arry met in Israel? Did it actully have any realistic targets on it?

    Another nail biting season for 17th place looms.... Oh lordy