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    Toddy's Loan Move

    Im mystified and angry re Todorov's loan move to Wigan.
    Assuming the club wasnt going to collapse under the weight of his contract, where is the logic in sending a player on loan, who has scored twice in three matches, provides a bit of trickery to his play, and has not at least publicly, thrown a wobbly about staring on the bench.
    Why does 'Arry talk about squad size, (or lack of it) when he's only too keen to ship someone out like Toddy, to a club who will be a major rival to Pompey this season?
    I just cant see this at all

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    • So has this move anything to do with content of report in Mail on Sunday.Have the fans been told everything are they playing games again at board level? Why was it so hard to sign people and why do we have so many frees again.Nothing changes. Is there money ? Show us don't just talk a good talk.

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      • PFC have never said there was money available only the press have said this.
        You can see from the players they have brought in their wages will make up more then enough in transfer fees. Campbell at approx £50k a week is equivelent to over £5m in 2-years, plus Johnson for a season, James, Kanu and Cole - means a lot of money is being spent.
        You can see what Harry is doing, buying / loaning seasoned professionals who know about the premiership and can do a job now. This will get us where we need to be in the short term (a mid-table premiership side).
        For the next step he is relying on young talented players with a future - fernandes, kranjcar, mendes, douala, davis & o'neil + more to follow.
        Unfortunaltly Todorov has not been a prolific goal scorer in this division; his two goals have been a bonus this season but last season we saw him struggle to find the net regularly under perin and redknapp; it was our midfield that saved us.
        Redknapp is looking at offloading him at Xmas when he hopes his value would have been increased whilst out on loan at wigan. If we continue well then players will be attracted to us during the next transfer window and a young talented striker or two will be signed. For sure!

    • Amen to that!

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      • I can't believe it myself, Toddy is showing the form that got us here in the first place. How long will Cole and Kanu last? I can't see Kanu scoring in every game. I hope that Toddy comes back at Christmas and helps us into Europe. Toddy deserves that, he had awful injury problems but stuck with it. Harry was moaning about being 'wafer thin' last week, what does he do? ships out one of our main men. Madness, but who knows as one of the earlier writers said, Harry is a genious and he obviously knows what he's up to, Cheers D

    • Totally agree - I rate Toddy as possibly our best striker, would rather have sent Lua Lua. Injuries aside, he has class, and I felt was about to demonstrate his talents for us in the premiership, now torn as to whether I want to see him score on the 9th. Toddy Toddy Toddy (only one ok?)

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      • i think harry has made a big mistake the trouble in football is your face as got to be liked and toddy face is not liked by harry as in all sport some people act very childish cole will kast a few games if that he his here for the money only at the end of his career toddy is younger also so are we going for the old players again ? they should blend with youth not all be over 30 toddy is a goal scorer and wigan see that in him like a certain player who left to go to wigan last season

      • Surely won't there be a clause in the deal saying he can't play against us because when lua lua was on loan Newcastle forgot about that and he scored for us against them???
        Got to admitt though wierd that he is on loan till December but Harry proberly has a reason he is a genius afterall 20 points form 30 says it all!

    • I agree - Andy Cole probably won't last the whole season and then we will be complaining about a lack of strikers.

    • Agree completely , we may be be up against Wigan for vital points at the end of the season .....there was talk of Toddy going to Brum ...that would have been better although I'd have liked to see him stay at Fratton !

      Might come back to haunt us this loan !