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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 9, 2006 16:59 Flag

    We are top of the league

    I'm calm Gary mate but it just pisses me off when people start knocking us the second we slip up. Being top of the league at ANY point of the season is a massive deal for a team like Pompey. When we were top everyone was like 'great to see you doing well' etc and kissing our arses but now we are 4th everyone is saying 'told you it wouldn't last' and all that kind of crap.

    I guess it's just 'football' but soemtimes it just gets under your skin, know what I mean ?

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    • Hey - of course I know what you mean. I've always been a Chelsea supporter. Last time I went to stamford Bridge we were in the old second division - Fulham supporters used to mock me. Now I cop it because we've got lots of dough and are winning. Btw - the reason I've not been to the Bridge since is because I haven't been in England.