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  • Well, had to be done, choking on my cup of tea this morning, but hey, I give out the stick and you give it back, but just wanted to come on today and congratulate you all......your team has done briliant. Thats it......I aint going no further....Timothy......whatever!!!!!

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    • Whoa.......You posting on the right boards Jude??!!. This is a Pompey board and you are using the word respect!!!

      Only kidding, thanks mate. Can't quite believe it myself at the moment. Lil 'ol Pompey are showing the entire Premiership how to play football and we've yet to conceed a goal..... pinch me now!!!

      I'm just hoping nothing comes of the tv programme on bungs tonight that incriminates Mr Redknapp, let's hope he's as clean as he says he is!!

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      • Steady on.....you aint played no big clubs yet.....but your doing good. I think plenty will come out about HR.....i mean come on, how come betfair had those odds on the day b4 he left Super Saints....his Son is as corrupt as him as well (I sound like i have sour grapes here), and I have. I admit it. Should be an interesting programme though, im gonna watch that instead of going to Millwall tonight, Gary said I shouldnt go on my own, so im staying in now.