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  • G G Nov 19, 2006 02:40 Flag

    Don't go LuaLua

    Honestly mate they're just being idiots if they're giving you a hard time. Unfortunately you just need a thick skin, as you well know. Fans and non fans just get bored occasionally and like to give certain players a hard time. It's just your turn. You'll be the golden boy again in a month or two, and a month or two after that you''ll be back to being moaned about. Dont go though, really.

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    • LuaLua I will keep this short...dont listen to the morons no matter how hurtful or spiteful they may (and I know how difficult it may be for you and your family) they really are NOT representative of TRUE POMPEY supporters they are SCUM listen to Harry, listen to the support on the fans on matchdays and savour your own well proven contributions on what has been a wonderful season so far - please dont let this sad and moronic minority influence your long term future with this club from A TRUE POMPEY FAN - thanks for giving me and the rest of the real fans so many good times!

    • lua scored the winner against watford so i think they will stop being idiots 2 him