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  • David David Jan 19, 2007 21:09 Flag

    Note from a Gooner.

    I am a season ticket holder at the Arsenal.

    Firstly, I must tell you of my admiration not only of your teams performance so far this year, but for the absolute quality of your fans every time we play you.

    Anyway, reason for the post; first you got Campell now you have Lauren. Absolute quality and if I had the chance, I would thank 'Ralph' for his excellent work at Right Back up the Arse.

    I hope he is as good for you as he was for us.

    Play up Pompey.

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    • yea we got campbell,kanu,lauren,now we want HENRI what do you wreckon we all know he wants to come here,he actually said our fans are the best hes ever played in front of,what does that tell you,hes even got a POMPEY shirt,when you beat us 5-1 down here a few years ago we were miles apart,that is not the case now my friend you know we should of won that game at the Emirates recently,POMPEY FOR EUROPE,COME ON YOU BLUES WE ARE THE BEST BY FAR SUPPORTERS IN THE COUNTRY,AND HOPEFULLY SOON TO BE THE BEST TEAM,PLAY UP POMPEY.

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      • Henri for pompey yes ive this one before,he might want to come here soon the plans ive heard pompey have got up there sleeeves,the new russian chairman has got got some plans ive heard that are superb,new stadium,youth acadamy,this is a club that is going places with a manager who is good enough to manage england play up you blues,watch out man u