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    Greetings from 'App Norf' From a Geordie. - Nice one 'Arry'!

    Alreet lads n lasses hows it going?

    Just popped by to say you've got a good'un there with Harry.

    All credit to hmi for his loyalty to your club. Let's face it the reason he HAD to think about would've been mega buck wafted in his face. But would we want a manager on a mercenary mission. Course not. He loves it down there and he's got plans for Pompey he wants to see out. No money was gonna change that. If only more managers had that conviction (ironic though since he's also a bit of an Arfur Daley at heart too).

    So just wanted to pay me respects.

    Reet I'm off. Good luck for rest of the season.

    I'm off to watch 11 prima donnas in black and white be cheered on by fellow misguided but eternally loyal fans, who they dont deserve.

    Awer an oot.

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