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  • As you can tell by my screen name, Im a Man Utd fan. Just like to say well done for beating us at the weekend. You were real lucky, Im serious. That ref was a joke. United had at least ONE clear cut pen turned down, why? Then he sees Baros knee our keeper in the forehead and blows for a pen and sends him off. Why? Baros fouled our keeper, plus, we had two players between the keeper and the goal line, thats why the United bench went crazy. But hats off to you. But Im shouting for Barnsley to lift the FA Cup. Keep the trophy up north where it belongs.


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    • I think the ref was spot on - it's about time the refs weren't scared to rule against Fergies cavemen for fear of a media backlash.

      That's right, Baros fouled your keeper, I've seen them practicing this on the training ground - Baros starts a run from the halfway line, receives the ball from the right and aims for the keepers head with his knee as this presents no risk of personal injury to himself.

      F u c k off back to the manc boards - the cup is coming home to the South - this is where it belongs.