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  • Let's get behind the lads for Saturday and give them that extra boost that only POMPEY fans can give.

    I couldn't get tickets but will be wearing my shirt and supporting from my local whatever the result.

    We are POMPEY and proud let's show everyone what we are about.

    Good luck boys we're right there with you.

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    • Know how you feel Tim ...I cant go either! ......sons engagement on Sat but all the best to Rob and Dani at thier party.

      All the best to the Pompey team and all the boys in blue at WEMBLEYon Saturday ....PLAY UP POMPEY! enjoy your day!!

      Really sad to see SCUM in the s**t (ha ha ....think not) what a season this could turn out to be ........Pompey win the FA cup... and SCUM take the DROP! ......ah if all that comes true it really cant get better than that.......anyway whatever happens facts are facts.

      POMPEY a full blown PREMIERSHIP team, full of PROPER INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS, who play EXCITING and ENTERTAINING FOOTBALL with a FANTASTIC and passionate SUPPORT who appreciate a PROPERLY funded and an outstandingly MANAGED... football club unlike the s**t down the road who can only keep going on and on and on and on about what they have supposed to done in the past!!

      Well St Mary's might be thier most recent claim to fame but as one of these "clone" modern grounds but its go no SOUL and no PASSION (apart from the Pompey shirts, scarves etc which are really (yes! if you want a map of where they all are I can give you one) embedded in the concrete structure of the sh**hole which the Pompey lads built for you!

      Well you never know if global warming has anything to with things St Mary's might just sink into oblivion.....hmmmmm now that sounds familiar ......bit like the SCUM