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  • Gerry Gerry May 13, 2008 03:15 Flag

    Pompey v Fulham

    As a passionate supporter I went to bed last unable to sleep and totally disgusted by Portsmouth's pathetic performance against Fulham. If I were a Reading of Birmingham fan I would be asking for a stewards inquiry. I am not very optimistic re the Cup Final on the below par performance of the last 4 defeats. For Gods sake Pompey get your act torgether. Gerry Cupples Belfast N.Ireland.

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    • You're right, we are p i s s poor at the moment and that just does not bode well for Saturday. I've gone from looking forward to the Final to dreading it.

      All I can say is that Harry has told all the boys to back off, not bother with 50/50 challenges etc etc....... at least that's what I hope he's said.

      Whatever happens on Saturday I know I'll still be a proud POMPEY supporter and will wear my POMPEY shirt to the pub on Saturday night with my head held high as a supporter of the only Premiership side to reach the 2008 cup final. This maybe the only time this happens in my lifetime and I for one am gonna make the most of it.