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  • Thanks for everything Harry - good luck at Spurs,

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    • What a pleasant and intelligent chap you sound CBRSWIFT. Have you noticed that we are in 8th place in the PL and host AC Milan in the UEFA Cup on Thursday.

      Please remind me of what position and in which league you find yourselves in.

      Oh, and by the way, great result tonight! How many watched it 12,000?


    • Lol see how well you stinking mud crawlers are doing now . No arry no hope your shyte and you know it

    • Well put that man. Although id have to say that our lower league friends from the fizzy pop world do have a stadium that all 4 supporters can watch there team play in reasonable comfort. Oops, my appologies, it appears as though 1 cannot make the next match as he just shot himself in the foot. PLAY UP POMPEY!!!!!!!!


      Where does it say a manager has to stay at a club for the rest of his life? Harry has done more for Pompey than anyone could have hoped including taking you lot down where you belong - we could not have asked for more.

      Best team on the South Coast?? Seriously.......you believe that??!!

      I'd rather keep Fratton Park for the next one hundred years and see it full at every game than have to give tickets away like your lot.

      You lot are finished - look at you scraping your arses at the bottom of the fizzy pop league - you are an embarrassment to the South Coast.

    • yeah im a stinking scum piece of what ever you wish skate BUT now the guys dumped you again must feel great to be dumped twice . oh by the way 1 point from fulham . even if we lose ten points i will still support the best team on the south coast when you have done 27 years in the top flight give us a yell till then keep going to your thrid rate stadium supporting a club full of empty promises . i like the gound works on your new stadium.OH YOU DONT HAVE ONE ANOTHER BROKEN PROMISE

    • harry does it again, loyalty, yer right, now watch the players join the scummer at spurs

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      • I not saying this at all portsmouth fans but I just wanted to say something. I felt that the way Harry was booed few days back was low and out of line. Yes he has left your club for spurs and I aint one for liking spurs so I for one am left scatching my head as to why he left to go there. West ham is my club yet I always wished harry well after he went from West Ham so took interest in how portsmouth did and the FA cup win brought tears to my eyes. Good on harry and portsmouth, Now as much as I like Harry I cant find myself wishing the best for spurs, I just wished that the people who booed harry had not done and thanked him and the players for there efforts, the award was all about that and him leaving should of been put a side for then.
        All the best chaps.

    • That woke you lot up eh?
      Second time he's left you in the lurch? Maybe he's gone to take spurs down?

    • bye bye arry rat leaving a sinking ship full of empty promises hopefully you will sink at spurs