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  • JO STALIN JO STALIN Dec 9, 2008 19:45 Flag


    Why don't you go f off back to that sh'th'le of a town Soton.

    And by the way, good result last night eh, oh and we are 7th now! Doomed are we?

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    • roflmao you sum up the skates to perfection gutter talk
      out of europe and now up for sale watch this space in january half your team will be sold aswell

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      • AHH!!! what wonderful words of encouragement from our friendly neighbours. I can understand it must be difficult for you( the red members of the south coast) to justify all those years in the top flight, only to be relegated by P.F.C managment. We (P.F.C fans) feel it a damning shame we are unable to play you in a compeditive league match because of the unforseen problem of finishing 8th in the Barclay card Premiership (I promise not to mention that we have the F.A cup) and your good selves managing only to escape relegation (again)hopefully it will be a good year for you in the coca cola league this season and look foreword to your arrival in the Premiership soon...... HAHA!!!! DO I FUCK......!!!!PLAY UP POMPEY!!!!