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  • bunkermad bunkermad Nov 28, 2008 06:41 Flag


    Hello guys,

    this is an AC Milan fan coming to congratulate you on a very good perfomance and memorable football evening thanks to the amazing support of your fans.

    You've played a great game, and though we had some important players off the pitch you kept us under pressure and played head to head with us.

    I understand your sorrow for the result but please remember you were playing against a very experienced international team, and with Inzaghi you just never know...

    Well, best wishes for the future and I am sure you can qualify for the next round.

    Chin up guys!

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    • lol 9 days after i posted thats razor sharp reaction antony you mud sniffing skate scumbag a faster reaction next time moron :)

    • shut up you t#t, you scummers are all the same, ever since you went to the fizzy pop league all u have done is moan (or is it that u just cant handle the fact we are a bigger club?lol) and we didnt smash up our own city because we won, we were driving out the scum. I mean lets look at it like this, you propose some stupid plans for a laser beam to be shone like a lighthouse, just so you can compete with the mighty spinaker tower (pathetic,cant you compete without copying our style) we win FA cup (again) how many times you won the great cup? sometime in the 70's.pompey held the FA cup longer than any other team in its history, first club to use floodlights and our fans are the loudest and most dedicated in the country! (and thats been proven) is your excuse of a ground full every week? even when you are loosing (not that u ever win, lol) our fans are blue till we die, and i cant wait to play ur sorry excuse of a team again!! we might not be the best in the league,but we are deffinetly the best in the south!!!!! Scumhampton are s#it ha ha ha

    • hahaha best laugh ive had . come back when your stadium is built how many owners now have promised and not delivered. old saying he who lives in a glass house shouldnt throw stones . roflmao when we played in skate central and you won you celebrated by smashing up your own city . probably needs re developin anway

    • CBRSWIFT You sound a very bitter and sad person. Why don't you be a bitter and sad person on your own pages. At least we have some stars! And by the way we are up to 7th now.

    • Thanks for the encouragment mate. The game was the best i`d seen them play. Pompey and A.C Played at a lightning pace and the atmosphere was electric. All the best and good luck...

    • Portsmouth still have one match left to play in Group E but can no longer qualify after picking up just one point from their opening three games.

      yeah hats off roflmao probably in disgust and he now wants to sell you your doomedddd skates

    • thnkz yup.. i am the portsmouth fans...

      i hope portsmouth can qualify..