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  • McMullan McMullan Dec 15, 2008 13:47 Flag

    Best players never to play for England

    As the bloody economic crisis has left me with more time on my hands than I can deal with I got to thinking about all of the good/great players that never played for England. Not even one cap! As I started to formulate them into a team I noticed that it’s really Hammers/Spurs loaded, maybe it’s my bias showing. I’m going to post on all of the boards and would love to hear the fans opinions of which players were great for them and deserved a cap. Remember, the players named must have never received a FULL cap for England, not one. And please don’t name Pele, Maradona et al, I know they never got an England cap but there’s a good reason. They weren’t good enough!

    Here’s my team.

    Les Sealey (Luton)
    Julian Dicks (West Ham)
    Billy Bonds MBE (West Ham)
    Steve Perryman (Spurs, or did he pick up a cap? If so Tony Gale)
    Steve Bruce (Man U)

    Ian Crook (Spurs)
    Jim Bullard (Fulham)
    Micky Hazzard (Spurs)
    Stuart Slater (West Ham)

    Garth Crooks (Spurs)
    Peter Ward (Brighton)