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  • oomegoolies oomegoolies Aug 9, 2009 18:16 Flag

    Harry buy em cheap stack em high

    I like yourself have been Pompey for 55 years and been through it all, but this is better than a west end farce.......The answer is simple....give the Doctor a time frame to put his money where his mouth is say 7 days or go away then sue him for time wasting and living in cloud cukoo land........ and let see if someone else can come in, I understand the meerkats problems at least he did raise the level, wonder what his credit rating is now.Harry saw this coming and obviously did not have the "Heart" to lose his charismatic image or face the music, PS in my eyes was very economical with the truth, but has not looked at going away, which if he's not to careful will have to when the admistrators come in..hey ho its all about money, no respect shown to the fans who have kept the club going for many many years, it would be nice to see Fratton Park modified but one big question can they get 30000 gates and can they run a club on that income??